Tour Features

  • 2 Hour Duration
  • Private Tour
  • Personalized
  • Up to 6 Passengers
  • $240.00
  • Tritoon Boat

Bring Together Up to 6 Passengers for Personalized Tour!

What do you want to see? This tour is personalized!

Our personalized private group tour allows you to have the best up close and personal experience to see ponies and other wildlife such as eagles, ospreys, herons, egrets, pelicans, dolphins, and more. You can also choose a sunset tour and experience a beautiful sunset as we cruise around Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.

During your tour, we will talk about the history of the island as well as some of the unique personalities of the ponies, such as our most famous pony, “Riptide!”  Each experience includes a tour of the island and cruise through small guts and waterways to get you up close to an abundance of wildlife and scenery.

This tour allows us to search for ponies in the Southern and Northern Herd and in most cases we will cruise around the entire island of Chincoteague. In addition, we will stop and show you where the pony swim event occurs, of course!