Captain Mike is a resident of Chincoteague Island who grew up spending most of his summers with family that lived on the island. He spent most of his time fishing and crabbing with his grandfather and getting to know the back bays around Chincoteague and Assateague. Getting up at dawn and fishing all day was the norm.

Captain Mike’s excitement for fishing continued on as he started his own fishing charter business. During the day he would take people out fishing for flounder and then when it got dark he would focus on shark fishing. Capt. Mike would always say “One of the most exciting elements of night shark fishing is that you never quite know what you will have on the other end of the line!”
Captain Mike found his true passion was touring the island and sharing his knowledge of the wildlife that surrounds it. Mainly, the Chincoteague ponies. Captain Mike knows the ponies by their names and consistently tracks the territories that they frequent most. He can recognize all of the stallions from the colors and markings on them. During the off season Captain Mike continues to explore and track the wild ponies as he enjoys photography and hiking Assateague Island.