We booked the 3 pm tour with Captain Mike. The boat was SO comfortable! It was 4 of us, and my daughter and I were able to lay out on the seats and enjoy the breeze & sun as we learned about the history of Chincoteague and life on the island. While we didn’t see any ponies, the boat ride itself was a treat. We did see someone’s “pet” pony running around and that was a pretty cool site in itself! Captain Mike was awesome. He explained the ponies usually hang out in the wooded areas during the hot parts of the day because of bugs and heat. But he didn’t give up trying to find them:) He took us across the bay to various points and then even to the ocean so we could try to catch some dolphin views. Captain Mike was so fun to hang out with and he took good care of us. For example, he even provided sweatshirts for the kids when he noticed they were feeling cold because of the ocean breeze. If you ride with him, make sure you ask about how he ended up on the island! We enjoyed chatting with him, enjoying the views, and learning about island history and the locals during our 2 hour boat ride…and when we got back from the boat ride, we ended up just hanging out and fishing off the dock. We were out there enjoying the water and fishing for about one hour when we ended up seeing a dolphin, 6 turtles and a manta ray!!! So it all came together at the end:)
I would highly recommend you book the early morning tour. We loved everything about our tour, but I do understand why the ponies wanted to hang out in the shade:)

Pooja W.